Short TV program on the annual Azman competition

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Short TV program on the annual Azman competition

Postby Kurt Gürsu » Tue May 18, 2010 8:42 pm


To watch this video posted on Facebook by Denizli Bangosu ® please click on the photo

The short news program is in Turkish.
The president of the local pigeon club DGE (Denizli Pigeon House) Niyazi Ertürk is being interviewed regarding the breed.
The first bird taken out of the cages is the winner of the overall competition.

It is also a very nice video for me personaly to see some of my very close friends on it like Niyazi Ertürk, İskender Damgacı, Numan Bilgihan (Handing the awards) and Hayri Ün (the breeder of the winner bird)
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