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Photos in this page are courtesy of the Gefluegel-Boerse magazine.
Photography is by Remco de Koster.

Kumru is one of the smallest breeds of Turkey.
It belongs to voice pigeons family and mostly kept in the Sivas region of the country.
It's breeders tend to stay loyal to this breed and stay with in their own community.


Kumrus have a high pitch voice unlike the other breeds in this class. They sing very long periods of time with out stopping and at times they sing for such a long time they end up falling out of breath. The quality of their voice and their singing are considered to be the most important features of this breed followed closely by their form. There is not much of an importance given to their flight qualities. As far as form, the most important feature is the size. They need to be as small as possible, hence the name kumru (dove). Beak and legs has to be red color and purple, black and white are the only feather colors considered to be valuable. Eyes have to be black regardless of the color of the bird. They are especially valuable if mixed with turtle dove. Birds with parents as these have the best voices and sing the longest.


A good kumru will adapt to its new loft very quickly. This will be almost immediately if they are transferred in pairs. The male is extremely attached to its hen and will follow it everywhere in the coop, outside or in the air.
Kumrus have a very calm nature. They will almost never fight, unless an intruder is present in their nest box (this habit has become a style of competition in some communities to see which pair gets used to a new nest quickest and defends it) and behave almost like field pigeons. They will fly in small groups for short periods and land on any opening to graze. This made them a perfect courtyard breed that really does not require any maintenance but offers the entertainment of a strange song.
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