Why did my posting in the BREEDERS section is deleted?

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Why did my posting in the BREEDERS section is deleted?

Postby Kurt Gürsu » Sun May 02, 2010 8:59 pm

Breeders section is designed for the members to share their birds', loft's photos and additional information with the member and non-member pigeoneers.
Rules are simple:
* Put your first and last name in the Subject line of the posting.
* Share information other then the ones you can share in your profile.
Information in your profile is publicly visible, so there is no need to repeat the information in the Breeders section posting unless it is for a specific purpose as in seperating the photos by breeds etc.
* Make sure to do a posting from the main page of the BREEDERS section not as a response posting to another members posting (unless you are actually meaning to comment on that fanciers posting, which is perfectly OK).

To prevent clutter in the site time to time I will be deleting, modifiying or moving some posts in the site.
If you are not OK with this please don't post on the site.
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