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How do I put my photos in to the Breeders section?

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 9:29 pm
by Kurt Gürsu
To post photos:
Log in to the site.
Go into Breeders section.
Scroll all the way down and click on the "NEW TOPIC" button.
If you are posting new photos and you already have a posting in that section then when you get into the Breeders section click on the posting with your name.
Scroll all the way down and click on the "POST REPLY" button.
You can change the Subject line as you wish.
New Photos etc.
Only the very first posting needs to have your first and last name, since that is a new topic vs. now you are just doing a posting.

Now inserting the photos:
You have 3 options to do this.

1st and most simple one:
Below the text box for the new message you will see a red button called "UPLOAD ATTACHMENT".
Click on that and a “BROWSE” button will appear.
Clicking that button will allow you to browse your computer and select the photo you like to post in to your message.
Once you select the photo click “ADD THE FILE” button.
Now you see the name of the photo appear on the area below the main text box and the "UPLOAD ATTACHMENT" button area.
Above the name of the file you just loaded there is a file comment box where you can write things describing the photo.
Those descriptions will show up right below the photo nce you finish your posting.

If you wan to continue adding photos to the same message follow the same steps over and over.
I would recommend at most 10 photos per message.
More then that maeks it difficult for the viewers.

If you can make your photos’ width 750 pixels or smaller it will display the best once posted.

With this way of posting photos you have to put some text into the main message box.
Otherwise you will get an your message contains too few characters message when you try to use the post button.

If you don’t want to put any text then once you load each photo as above, click the “Place inline” button next to each photo.

It might sound complex but once you do a couple of photos it is really not a big deal.

Before pushing the "SUBMIT" button click on the "PREVIEW" button to make sure things are right.
If you skip this and after submitting you see something you don't like there use the "EDIT"button that shows at teh top right corner of the message to go in and make the changes.
This edit option will be available by the system to you for about an half an hour.
If you miss that window and you are still not happy, contact me.

2nd way of doing it:
Doing the photos with the first way is the simplest way but the draw backs of it is the resizing of the photos and photos posted this way can not be viewed by non-members (which might be a preference for some of you).
What I mean by resizing is once you post your photo (some photos only) you will notice not all of it is showing to a visitor unless they click on it.
It will look something like this:

Here is a way to get around that.
Load your photo (again if you can keep the width to max 750 pixels you will get the best view of the photo on the site) into a image hosting web service like imageshack.
Once loaded they give you a web address for each photo.

Now, right above the text box of your new message on our site you will see a “Img” button.
Click that.
In the text box will appear.
You will paste the address of your photo in between the”][“
Like [img]address%20goes%20here[/img]
You are set to go.
Repeat the action for the next set of photos in the same message box.
To display the photos nicely you can push enter after each entry to leave space between the photos.

3rd way.
You don’t like the how the 1st way looks and the 2nd way is too much of an hassle.
Do it the first way and send me a message.
I’ll go in and make it right.

If all goes south
Email me the photos.
Go in to where you are going to post the photos and post a mock message with only the text.
I will go in and insert the photos for you.
If I do the posting directly then it will show me as the owner of the message.
So you would need to do the posting.

Re: How do I put my photos in to the Breeders section?

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 9:33 pm
by Kurt Gürsu
That example photo actuall showed up nicely.
It is resized by system.
Again, if you click on it you can view the actual size.

Let me try one more:

OK, this one is a bit of a better example where you can see the red dotted framing around resized photo..

You can also do your practice postings as a response to this message if you like.