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Postby Kurt Gürsu » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:15 pm

Adana Man wrote:1 bird having its ear ripped open and the other having his throat cut open........ seem to have them sussed now but they can still be a pain in the ass for no aparent reason.

Interesting how a breed from a town known for its though guys ends up being:)

Adana Man wrote:The scissoring i dont like i like the straight diving with the dust trail like a plumb line.

Scissoring is a favourite in the Mersin area. In Adana they are in the same page with you I think.
I also like both birds to be completely locked in.
That style also creates the most noise when they are coming down.

Adana Man wrote:Dropper wise i use a white paint tin lid i tried the waving a white pigeon around and it does work but i just felt cruel on the bird and with plenty training i think the white lid is good enough. I got a mechanical dropper sent from a friend in Germany wich is also good but i broke 1 of the wings and i'm waiting on a replacement.

I have seen some of those mechanisms. Some attached to a drill.
Some guys make the wings out of Styrofoam plates cut in to the shape of a wing with hot-knife.
It seems to work well.
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