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Now, you have some takla babies and want to start training them. At this moment you have to remember takla is an ancient breed and has been kept with same qualities for many hundreds of years. So, for a takla breeder there is no comfort zone of cull birds. If your birds are pure and you know that they were never broken (term we use for mixing with other breeds for any reason), you will not get bad birds. Of course, this in no way means every bird you get will perform in the highest level. Because of this, it is very important to get your stock birds from a well-known fancier who fly his/her birds for performance.Even though, it is rather difficult to do, because of the size of USA, best way to get good birds is to visit the fancier and see his birds in action.Do your homework before buying any birds. Talk to others who bought birds from the fancier you are about to get birds from and always look for a guarantee when buying.

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This diving and spinning breed is predominantly kept in the Eastern and Southern portions of the Aegean ...
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Azman is one of the short faced Anatolian breeds. They do not exist outside of the city of Denizli.
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